By day, I fight technological evil as a helpdesk technician. By night, mostly I sleep. But I also do what I love: write and sketch and sometimes write music.

I have been asked why I wrote Ruinmakers the way I did. The answer is quite simple: I wanted to write the book I wanted to read as a child.

My favorite authors are, in no particular order, Robert Heinlein, Robert Jordan (is this going to be a pattern?), Cinda Williams Chima, Cornelia Funke, and Neil Gaiman.

C.S. Lewis, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Keith Laumer, Orson Scott Card, and Mark Twain were considered for the list, as was Tolkien, but the list was getting a bit long for any kind of meaningful allegiance. The truth is, I am a fan of every writer who tells a great, imaginative story with conviction and voice. Lists be darned!

My all-time favorite actors are Danny Kaye and Tom Hanks.

My favorite food is nearly anything made with bread, cheese, and/or potatoes.

I currently live just outside New York City with my beautiful wife Lyndsey and our three cats. I owe her a dog still.