It’s been about a year…

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Since I wrote a post on my own site. Bad author. I would love to say it’s been because I’ve been so busy getting the next set of stories out, that I haven’t had the time. But that would be a lie. Oh, I’ve been working. And there are stories, but not ready for publishing […]

Paperback debuts at 63

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THANK YOU. I owe you my sincerest gratitude to everyone who has already bought a copy, told a friend about it, or liked/shared/commented on one of my announcements. I don’t want to exhaust anyone with too much news, but it’s been a much better book release day than I could have hoped or imagined. Your […]

Ruinmakers is here!

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Dear highly intelligent, discriminating epicure of renowned good taste, My novel, Ruinmakers, is finally available for sale after many long nights of writerly toil. Ruinmakers is a young adult fantasy filled with magic, manipulation, a little romance, and some really good fights. It’s available from all your favorite retailers as both a paperback and ebook. […]

Layout has begun

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Just a quick note – I’m now wrasslin’ (that’s wrestling, for non-Texans) with InDesign to make it do what I want. I spent pretty much all day yesterday trying to wrap my head around what kind of workflow would be most efficient in the long run. The good news for all the physical book lovers […]

Major news!

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The edits are in! Finito! Finis! Finished! The end! As much as it tempts me to go back and rewrite the whole thing, I won’t give in to second-guessing because everyone I tell about the book seems genuinely interested in reading it, and it’s taken plenty long enough already. Entering the final sprint – the […]