Seven is in the bag!

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And Chapter Seven(ish) has been revised. Major rewrites, and the significant paring down of some very long-winded monologues. I think it’s in a much better place now, getting the main bits without having to sit through the entire lecture. It’s just like copying your friend’s notes in college! Or in my case, only showing up […]


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A culture on the verge of extinction. The spread of an empire. A prophet and a weapon. The power to destroy dynasties and build new ones. Sometimes, your closest companions are your worst enemies. And sometimes, it’s the other way around. Dagoric resigned himself to a life of trying to live up to his father’s […]

Why is it so hard…

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…To get a desk and a chair to go together? Either one of them is hideously ugly, or massively uncomfortable (or just massive), and the end result is furniture that looks great in a product shot but does not play well together. Every time I stand up from my chair, the armrest bangs into the […]

Web design…ugh.

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I know I’m not the only person on the planet who would rather have a root canal than deal with formatting PHP and CSS…If I didn’t hate it so much, I might be able to learn to be good at it. I have recently changed hosts, because let’s face it: two wordpress sites with a […]

Progress Ahead!

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Now revising¬†Chapter 2 of Rune (working title). My goal is to finish the darn thing so I can get it to my pre-selected editor, Beth Cordes, and be ready for some final formatting no later than August. It would be amazing to have it on (digital) shelves by Christmas. I’m really leaning towards incorporating myself […]