Introducing Esteem: Part Three

This is the third, and final part of the Esteem system introduction. You can catch parts one and two here and here, respectively.


Alignment is very easily described as intrinsic motivation. Why do you do what you do? What is the primary reason you think, do, or like certain things? We may both like painting portraits, but why?

For one person, it may be the human connection they have with the subject. For another, it’s an analysis of the human form, in all its variations and intricacies. Someone else may see it as a lucrative business opportunity, or preserving history, or because they love the feel of the brush against canvas.

A quick summary of how each trait fits in with the Esteem:

  • Venturing – risk taking, thrill seeking, adventure, or entrepreneurial in nature
  • Maintaining – preserving and participating in existing social/cultural structures
  • Creating – the artistic and artisanal flair, regardless of medium
  • Communal – prioritizes people and interpersonal considerations
  • Ordering – finds satisfaction in predictable, repeatable tasks
  • Investigating – curiosity killed the cat.

I hope you found this introduction intriguing. Ruinmakers is looking for its publishing home right now. Check back for more insider sneak peeks at the world of Ruinmakers!