Introducing Esteem: Part Two


Part two of this little featurette is about the Accord. If you didn’t see Part One, go here.

Individuals of the Folnor Empire are tested multiple times throughout their childhood to steer them into a compatible career path. While not compulsory by law, it is customary. (Think of it as getting a driver’s license.) The first test reveals few surprises, as nearly every Affinity besides “stone” has been winnowed out of the vast majority of the gene pool.

The second test reveals an individual’s Accord, which represents their primary problem-solving method. Imagine the age-old “brick wall” scenario: You’re walking along minding your own business, and there’s a wall directly in your path. What do you do?

You might choose to climb over it. Or just walk around it. Or ask a bystander “Why is this wall here?” Or you could try to knock it over, or put a hole through it. You might try to persuade someone else to take the risk for you and report back. While not the only possible responses, your first inclination is governed by your Accord.

People of the same Accord get along well together. They tend to move in the same direction, and have similar priorities.

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