Late-night Thankfulness

This morning, between 12:01 and 12:30 am, I hunched groggily in front of my laptop with a clamor of frustration and a draining battery icon. My “Today was a great day! Time to close up shop and go to bed!” attitude was promptly shot to hell as I stopped work on the semi-titled fifteenth chapter, having declared it good enough for now.

Imagine my shock and dismay when the wonderfully edited sixteenth chapter (I work a little out of order sometimes) was no longer on the docket.

It’s not that I was ready to forge ahead. It’s that the entire contents had disappeared. There was a file in the right place; just no words to explain how a certain puppy and pigeon escape from the clutches of the evil witch. *Note: Not actually in my story.

Enter the wonderful world of redundant automated backups!

Scrivener (I don’t think of myself as a brand bandwagon kind of guy, but Keith at Literature and Latte has really made an exceptional piece of software) has a wonderful option to make a backup everytime the program is closed. It saves not just one or two backups…but the last five, which is a really good deal when you don’t realize something is amiss right away.

Hooray! I didn’t lose anything after all – I found the latest backup with the chapter included, and selectively restored it. Okay, I copied and pasted from one folder to another. Voila! No more mess.

And I got to bed relieved instead of grumpy.