Late-night Thankfulness

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This morning, between 12:01 and 12:30 am, I hunched groggily in front of my laptop with a clamor of frustration and a draining battery icon. My “Today was a great day! Time to close up shop and go to bed!” attitude was promptly shot to hell as I stopped work on the semi-titled fifteenth chapter, having declared it good enough for now.

Imagine my shock and dismay when the wonderfully edited sixteenth chapter (I work a little out of order sometimes) was no longer on the docket.

It’s not that I was ready to forge ahead. It’s that the entire contents had disappeared. There was a file in the right place; just no words to explain how a certain puppy and pigeon escape from the clutches of the evil witch. *Note: Not actually in my story.

Enter the wonderful world of redundant automated backups!

Scrivener (I don’t think of myself as a brand bandwagon kind of guy, but Keith at Literature and Latte has really made an exceptional piece of software) has a wonderful option to make a backup everytime the program is closed. It saves not just one or two backups…but the last five, which is a really good deal when you don’t realize something is amiss right away.

Hooray! I didn’t lose anything after all – I found the latest backup with the chapter included, and selectively restored it. Okay, I copied and pasted from one folder to another. Voila! No more mess.

And I got to bed relieved instead of grumpy.

Seven is in the bag!

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And Chapter Seven(ish) has been revised. Major rewrites, and the significant paring down of some very long-winded monologues. I think it’s in a much better place now, getting the main bits without having to sit through the entire lecture. It’s just like copying your friend’s notes in college!

Or in my case, only showing up to health class on test days, because it’s health class. It was only later I learned it annoyed the poop out of my roommate, who had the same class, went every day, bought the book, studied for every test, and still barely scraped a “B”.

In unrelated news, I have pretty well decided that Rune isn’t going to stay titled that. It might be appropriately dramatic when eight feet tall on the movie screen with Carmina Burana playing in the background, but to me it lacks magnetism of its own when seen on the spine crushed against six dozen similarly sized genre books.

I shall reveal its replacement title at a much further date in time…I have one picked out, 95% sure it’s the one. Anticipation…



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A culture on the verge of extinction. The spread of an empire. A prophet and a weapon. The power to destroy dynasties and build new ones.

Sometimes, your closest companions are your worst enemies. And sometimes, it’s the other way around.

Dagoric resigned himself to a life of trying to live up to his father’s rigid expectations. After rescuing the beautiful but forbidden Marcedra from a pursuing band of miscreants, his life becomes anything but easy. A simple rite of passage becomes a quest for identity, truth, freedom, and revenge.

Why is it so hard…

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…To get a desk and a chair to go together?

Either one of them is hideously ugly, or massively uncomfortable (or just massive), and the end result is furniture that looks great in a product shot but does not play well together. Every time I stand up from my chair, the armrest bangs into the underside corner of my desk and bends the otherwise perfectly good (cheap) faux laminate. It’s to the point now the underside looks like the edge of pie crust.

In other news, Rune chapter 3 has been revised, with some potentially significant changes made. Significant in a “Haha! Now I can write a prequel story to go along with that bit!” kind-of-way.

Web design…ugh.

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I know I’m not the only person on the planet who would rather have a root canal than deal with formatting PHP and CSS…If I didn’t hate it so much, I might be able to learn to be good at it. I have recently changed hosts, because let’s face it: two wordpress sites with a grand total of 115MB of content, and Alexa traffic somewhere between “Sorry, did someone click a link by accident?” and “Is that even ON the internet?!” do not cost $120 a year to run. And I’m a cheap bastard when it comes to annual renewals.

So if you happen to come across a dentist who will code my site in exchange for going under the really freaky mouth lamp thing, I’m in.

Progress Ahead!

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Now revising Chapter 2 of Rune (working title). My goal is to finish the darn thing so I can get it to my pre-selected editor, Beth Cordes, and be ready for some final formatting no later than August. It would be amazing to have it on (digital) shelves by Christmas.

I’m really leaning towards incorporating myself so I can fast track an EPUB, and then release a POD version so I can do a Goodreads giveaway.

I simply cannot tolerate some 2-years-to-market roadmap, I’ve spent far too long puttering with this thing already.