A culture on the verge of extinction. The spread of an empire. A prophet and a weapon. The power to destroy dynasties and build new ones.

Sometimes, your closest companions are your worst enemies. And sometimes, it’s the other way around.

According to his father, life is predictable, clear cut, easy to navigate. Duty, honor, family. But sixteen-year-old Dagoric finds it anything but predictable when he saves a strange girl from thugs and brings her home. His determination to prove his worth to her leads him to the remote parts of a mountaintop, where a tragic accident leaves him unconscious.

He awakens 500 years later with strange symbols on his hands that seem to give him magical powers. His only thought is for his true love, but what happened to her? Returning home only raises more questions, and the only people that can answer them want him dead.

Loyalties and friendships are torn in every direction as Dagoric tries to reconcile his past with the present. Can he unravel the tangle of superstition and politics long enough to solve the mystery? Or will his new “friends” get him killed in the process?

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