Rune now “Ruinmakers”

Le book is just about done. And now it’s called Ruinmakers.


Two major changes were implemented during my latest revision, that make me considerably happier with the story. First, the setting has been updated to reflect a general “blah” feeling I had about the whole thing. In its inception, Ruinmakers aka Rune was sort of a standard fantasy, sans an abundance of dwarves, elves, or supermagical creatures. More of a medieval folklore than Lord of the Rings, or even The Wheel of Time. And I was unsatisfied with it.

I discovered that what was in my head the whole time, but didn’t make it onto the page was a world full of magical technology.

So I made the descriptions of a few things a bit more explicit, leading into the way things worked, and it gives the world a bit more flavor without screaming “STEAMPUNK PWNES YOU” or the like. The best way I can sum it up, is medieval magicpunk. Castles, but flying contraptions; crossbows, but fully automatic; armies, swords, bows and arrows, and a fair bit of sneaking around trying not to get caught.


The second major change is the introduction of the “Esteem” system, which I will more fully articulate in a later post. For now, it’s a really freaking cool system the Folwyn use to sort citizens into useful jobs. While technically optional, most of the guilds and all of the military require certain traits to guarantee the success and unity of their respective members. There are 3 categories of traits: Affinity, Accord, and Alignment, with a total of 192 possible combinations. No more do you have to wonder if you’re a Slytherin/Ravenclaw hybrid (I’m not pointing any fingers), or that you want to be Dauntless but feel factionless. There is room for everyone!


By the way, I love all of the aforementioned intellectual properties – I ain’t hatin’ on anyone.