Seven is in the bag!

And Chapter Seven(ish) has been revised. Major rewrites, and the significant paring down of some very long-winded monologues. I think it’s in a much better place now, getting the main bits without having to sit through the entire lecture. It’s just like copying your friend’s notes in college!

Or in my case, only showing up to health class on test days, because it’s health class. It was only later I learned it annoyed the poop out of my roommate, who had the same class, went every day, bought the book, studied for every test, and still barely scraped a “B”.

In unrelated news, I have pretty well decided that Rune isn’t going to stay titled that. It might be appropriately dramatic when eight feet tall on the movie screen with Carmina Burana playing in the background, but to me it lacks magnetism of its own when seen on the spine crushed against six dozen similarly sized genre books.

I shall reveal its replacement title at a much further date in time…I have one picked out, 95% sure it’s the one. Anticipation…